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business programs The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. personal development workshops
- Marcel Proust

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It is said that no encounter is accidental. That, whether known or unknown, paths cross for a reason - a reason that may lead to surprising treasures. I'm thrilled and honored to have our paths cross. I can't wait to see what comes of it! 

Not just a play on my name, Wright Minded is a walk toward clearer, more substantive thinking that can make your tomorrow dramatically more meaningful than today. How you think is the basis of the life you create. Yet, how you think may be a total mystery to you.  

We learn many things in our lives, but rarely are we taught how to manage the activity of our minds - our thoughts. Consequently, we experience inconsistent success and erratic happiness. An undirected mind worries, doubts, fears, and imagines the worst. All of this is, of course, completely fabricated - yet, it can control our lives. 

Whether personally or professionally, your mind will enable or destroy your chance for a meaningful, happy life. Join me in discovering a life beyond hesitation. You deserve more and it's waiting for you!

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Business Programs

With unrelenting and mounting pressure to compete and innovate, companies today must maximize every aspect of their business. And, like it or not, reorganizations, process improvements, and technology alone are inadequate for sustained success. The real gold mine for competitive advantage is people. And it's also the least understood and most underutilized asset. Click here for programs specifically designed to elevate your people capital. 

Personal Development Workshops

How happy are you with the condition and direction of your life? Are you making the decisions that will move you forward; or are you being overwhelmed by your doubts and fears? It's time to stop pretending. There is a world of happiness and opportunity that's your birthright. Time to cash in! Click here for workshops that will open the door to your future. 

Public Speaking

Why hire a comedian if you want people to experience high-impact and sustained change? Once the laughter is over, inertia will creep back in. It always does. If you're looking for more than a good joke or two, you've found the speaker you want. Karen provokes, challenges, engages, and changes lives. Click here to book her for your event. 


Challenge your mind and engage your heart.these inspirational aids will remind you every day of your promise to live larger. We all need a reminder now and then! Click here to make your selection. 

Free Ezine

"Thought-provoking, heart-warming, butt-kicking" - subscribers have fallen in love with these weekly messages that seem written just for them. Give it a try! You'll wonder how you lasted this long without Waking Up! Click here to subscribe and view previous selections.


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